Core24 Pole Fitness FAQ

What Should I Wear?

For the warming up you’re more than welcome to wear a jumper/hoodie and track pants, however once you start utilising the pole, you’ll need to be in safer clothes. We recommend a singlet or shirt with no sleeves or crop top along with some short shorts, or short bike pants. In the beginning heels are optional, we suggest PLEASER (Shoe brand) heels with straps, or thigh high PVC boots. The height of the shoe is completely up to you and what you feel comfortable with, as the sizing can be tricky so speak to the instructor if you need more assistance. We encourage all our students to purchase some pole grip such as Mighty Grip or Dry Hands Sports Grip (along with the shoes these items can be purchased from eBay). Hydration is essential so please also bring a water bottle.

I’ve Done Pole Workshops Before, But I’m Not Sure What Level I Am?

We encourage all participants who would like to improve their strength and technique to start at the foundation level class. For those who are keen to attend the Intermediate (Level 2) workshop you will be required to have an assessment with an instructor to ensure you are ready to participate at that level. In the assessment the instructor will gauge what your pole strength and ability level, we will then be able to advise you at which level you can enrol into.

Can I Pay Weekly?

Yes, you can! The Pole Fitness Classes are part of your Platinum Membership to Core24 Health Clubs. As a platinum member you can also access the studio for practice during staffed hours at no extra charge. For the workshops we require full payment before commencement of the workshop. Core24 Platinum Members also receive significant discounts on all workshops. When booking workshops, once confirmed you will receive full confirmation of the dates that your workshop will be running. Core Fitness vouchers are also accepted.

What Happens If I Miss a Class?

You are allowed to miss a maximum of 1 week, you are able to make this up in the other workshop upon instructor confirmation and availability. Due to the timelines and structure of the classes, any extra missed class will require a private session with an instructor at an additional cost.

Are The Workshops Transferable to Next Term Or Another Member?

Unfortunately, the workshops are non-refundable and non-transferable once paid for. Unusual and extreme circumstances are taken into consideration; however transfers are not guaranteed.


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